Blank Continuous Form, Multi-Colored, 15#, 2-Part Carbonless 9.5x11" (260314-001)

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9.5"x11" 2-Part Carbonless, Multi-colored, Continuous Feed,  15#, 1,700/Box

  • Size (WxL): 9.5"x11" (Printable area: 8.5"x11")
  • 1/2" pin feed holes on both sides
  • Pack QTY: 1,700/box
  • Color per Ply: White / Yellow
  • Print Format: Blank
  • Basis Weight: 15lb
  • Typical Usage: For use with serial or line matrix impact printers to print Letter size Invoices, Credit Memos, Rental/Service Agreements, or Transport Documents. Multi-colored plys are useful for ensuring proper use of multi-part copies.

Continuous forms provide quality, performance and reliability. Guaranteed to be break-free, these continuous forms perform extremely well in a wide range of environments. Continuous feed printers (such as line matrix) are ideal because the technology enables them to work in harsher conditions compared to laser or inkjet printers. The line matrix printer head creates an impression on the paper that enables multi-part carbonless copies to be printed.

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